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Squirrel Repellent?

How can I keep the squirrels from eating and tearing up my new Deck Furniture Cushions?Squirrel Repellent?
Sprinkle cayenne pepper on them. It works! They hate pepper! They'll remember the taste %26amp; won't come back. They love the stuffing in the pillows to make their nests.

Better brush it of before you sit on them, though!Squirrel Repellent?
One word. Mothballs!

Well, maybe it's two but that's besides the point!

Put some mothballs behind your cushions and stuff them into the cracks of your furniture and the squirrels will stay away from it. Squirrels hate the smell of mothballs, it acts as a deterrent.

Plus, it won't harm your furniture.It's a little strong smelling though, but effective regardless!

Mothballs also work well in gardens for your springtime bulbs, since bulbs are another favourite snack for squirrels.

Good luck!
Theres a magical little device called a .22 rifle you may want to give a try.
They are bushy-tailed rats. Nick's response is the way to go or a BB if you live in a more densely inhabited area.
We just gave a squirrel on our balcony chocolate and haven't seen it since.
Jack Russel Terrier
Shoot them bastards!!
when you find out, let me know.

Squirrels are eating my jade plants. Any suggestions on repellents?

c spread moth balls around your plants
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  • Have a problem with squirrels digging up flower bed. Need a repellent?

    Boil 1 quart of water and remove it from heat as soon as it starts to boil, then add 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of tabasco sauce. Allow it to stand for 2-3 hours to make sure it is very cool. Spray the stems and base of plants. Will not harm the plant but will deter the pesky little rodents!!Have a problem with squirrels digging up flower bed. Need a repellent?
    d-o-gHave a problem with squirrels digging up flower bed. Need a repellent?
    look at lowe's
    DOG DOG or dog dog
    Pee in the flowerbeds.
    Ruger 10/22 with hollow-points and a 4X scope will do nicely!
    watch the lowes comercial... or just go there... do you have brown dirt lines all over your face?
    We have the same problem and have tried everything. We even put wire mesh over the dirt and they just found a way under it.

    Animal urine only worked for a few days. Commercial products worked for a few days.

    Hope someone can give an answer that really works - I would try anything.
    A gun works the best.
    Red Pepper works the best. Does not bother birds either but the squirrels hate it.......powder is the best.
    You can use natural reppellants by planting garlic, thyme, and peppermint.
    rape them
    Use Antifreeze, it will solve all of your rodent problems.

    Good Squirrel and rabbit repellent?

    I just planted new flowers and a small garden in my backyard. Already, squirrels and rabbits are digging in it. What is a good (safe) way to keep them out? I have heard of peppers and moth balls, but is there anything else?

    P.S. Please don't say ';shoot them';!Good Squirrel and rabbit repellent?
    For the garden, if you mean veggies, the only effective way to keep the rabbits out is a fence. Squirrels don't like veggies very much, but they love bulbs and no fence can keep them out.

    Some garden centers in my area say they have a stinky repellent you put around the plants and the rabbits stay away, but I haven't tried it, you might as they say it works.Good Squirrel and rabbit repellent?
    I put a small radio in a ziplock bag and turn it on at night. It keeps the creatures away. Put it in the garden.
    Get a 410 shotgun!

    Squirrel repellent?

    how can i stop squirrels from eating my flowers and digging up my yard. help.Squirrel repellent?
    My property backs up onto a wooded area full of squirrels. They destroyed my birdfeeders, ate my tomatoes and peppers, and were a general pain in the butt.

    I bought a squirrel feeder鈥?/a> (not my own photo, but it's what mine looks like) and put it on a post in the far corner of my yard. I keep it full of black-oil sunflower seeds.

    Not a single squirrel has ventured past the feeder into my yard. They eat, then leave.

    This doesn't attract more squirrels. Squirrels are territorial, and they won't let other squirrels into their patch.Squirrel repellent?
    We had a squirrel problem but they left the garden alone when they found easier food in the bins and we could find absolutely nothing that would deter them from bin rustling. Maybe that's the solution, give them an easier source of food.
    I鈥檝e read tons of tips, but squirrels are smart and generally get around whatever you try. Some friends of mine have had luck keeping the squirrels off their plants by providing them a steady diet of peanuts in the shell.
    bb gun
    Get a cat or dog.

    Rabbit, squirrel, and rodent repellents?

    I live in upstate NY. Do sent based rabbit and deer repellents work for both flower and vegetable gardens? When can I put them down? How long do they last and are they toxic to humans?

    Have you had any experiances with them? Good or BadRabbit, squirrel, and rodent repellents?
    I bought the kid of scent repellents that came in bags. You affix the bags to a stick and place around the garden. I can't guarantee that they work but I had no damage of my plants and I live right in the woods. They are not toxic to humans. They should be put out as soon as possible in the Spring because new shoots are coming up under the snow and it is often the shoots that they eat.Rabbit, squirrel, and rodent repellents?
    The animal repellants work good for the deer, sometimes rabbits. Try using that and plant some Marigolds, rabbits hate the smell of them.

    I have a squirrel in the house. Do electrical repellents work?

    I open the door, tried a trail of crackers %26amp; it still would not leave. Ran downstairs to basement instead. Help Please.I have a squirrel in the house. Do electrical repellents work?
    call animal controlI have a squirrel in the house. Do electrical repellents work?
    I do not know how well those electrical repellents work.

    You could try a have a heart trap available at hardware stores. Just make sure you get a big enough one, squirrels get out of the smaller ones designed for chipmunk size rodents.鈥?/a>

    An important question would be whether or not you care if you remove the squirrel from your house while he is alive or deceased.
    squirrels love acorns. Get a few acorns and sprinkle them next to a trap. The squirrel will fall in the trap.

    You might put a cage if you want. Release it outside far away from

    your house. If you dont get rid of it it will chew on your furniture

    and that might cost you alot. You can put the squirrel in your car (if you have one) and drive him away to a far place.

    Put him in the car trunk.
    the best way is to buy or rent a safe trap. bait it with peanut butter on the trap trigger.

    now that you have 'em in the cage, don't put your fingers in through the wire openings if you want to keep them.

    you can transport to another location and realease it. if you don't get rid of the vermin they will chew your roof and trusses to shreds and that will really cost you. if you don't want to drive somewhere, the the gabage can full of water, and drop the cage in. it's over quickly

    What is the best repellent to keep deer, rabbits and squirrels away from my plants etc.?

    Planting some garlic will keep the deer, rabbits, and squirrels away from your garden and provide you with a nice herb when it matures.

    There are repellent products you can buy, Plantskydd and Rabbit Scram are a couple of the brand names, but I like the natural approach better.

    Garlic, thyme, rosemary,and basil are also good mosquito repellents!What is the best repellent to keep deer, rabbits and squirrels away from my plants etc.?
    12 gage shotgun :-)

    I find watered down human urine works. You can buy coyote urine at most hunting supply stores, but your own is free. I've used blood and bone meal as repellents too. Most garden centers sock them.What is the best repellent to keep deer, rabbits and squirrels away from my plants etc.?
    Get a big dog......
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  • Will ';Liquid Fence Deer & Rabbit Repellent'; work on squirrels?

    There are a lot of squirrels in our area, and they always eat our plants.Will ';Liquid Fence Deer %26amp; Rabbit Repellent'; work on squirrels?
    Liquid Fence didn't work with my squirrels at all. In fact, it seemed to encourage them. Nothing like that ever worked with my squirrels. I just had to find things they didn't want or use a completely enclosed cage, which is hideous in the garden.

    ***Edit) My squirrels used to happily eat my ripe cayenne peppers before I built a fully enclosed vegetable garden. I'm just saying ...Will ';Liquid Fence Deer %26amp; Rabbit Repellent'; work on squirrels?
    Tabasco sauce +dishes soap few drop put that in a spray bottle fill with water and spray the plants they eat wont hurt the plants but the squirrels wont like it at all.
    what i find work's with nuisance cat's and squirrels is petroleum jelly or Vaseline,failing that carpet runner's

    Are there electronic squirrel repellents?

    Saw one on an episode of Bat-man. Or was that the shark repellant bat-spray.......? But yes, you can connect a steel plate to the tree they live in. Connect 120VAC to that bad boy and wait for the squirrel to have to cross the plate to get down from the tree.Are there electronic squirrel repellents?
    We use slingshots and if you put your birdfeeder on a shepards hook and run a slinky up the hook it is hilarious to watch a squirrel bounce right off of it.

    Good Squirrel and rabbit repellent?

    I just planted new flowers and a small garden in my backyard. Already, squirrels and rabbits are digging in it. What is a good (safe) way to keep them out? I have heard of peppers and moth balls, but is there anything else?

    P.S. Please don't say ';shoot them';!Good Squirrel and rabbit repellent?
    There's not much that works in the way of deterents. Try a fence. You can build it with chicken wire and a few stakes.

    What household product(s) can I use outdoors as a repellent for squirrels and rabbits?

    the rabbits and squirrels are eating my rose moss in my landscaping. I am looking for a household remedy instead of chemical sprays.What household product(s) can I use outdoors as a repellent for squirrels and rabbits?
    Try taking a bar of Irish Spring bar soap and shaving pieces of it about 1 or 2 feet away from the plants you want to protect. Make sure you do a complete circle around the plants. There are two other things you can do also. First one is plant Marigolds around the area you want to protect ( just like the Irish Spring soap, the little critters can't stand the smell). The second thing is to put a radio close to the area you want to protect, set the radio station to hard, metallica type rock music. You don't have to blare it just make sure it is audible if they get close. Hope this works for you.What household product(s) can I use outdoors as a repellent for squirrels and rabbits?
    Get a big cat...
    If you dilute some dish washing liquid with water in a spray bottle and spray the plants it will not only deter the rabbits and squirrels but also remove plant eating bugs. It is an old remedy passed on from generation to generation in my family. You obviously like animals or you would want to kill the rabbits and squirrels, so if you like having them around but not eating your flora you can offer them some food in a special place to ensure they are still taken care of but far away from your garden. On the positive side, if they eat long enough at your feeding spot they will deposit free natural fertilizer you can gather and use in your garden.
    The best thing I have found is to get some moth balls and crush them slightly and either spread them around or put them in sachet bags and hang them close to the ground around your plants or garden.
    Lead, applied directly to the skin by a 12 gauge shotgun

    Does anyone know of any squirrel repellents? I have squirrels running thru my patio porch?

    They don't kill you, evil person who dislikes squirrels... Squirrels will rule the world!!Does anyone know of any squirrel repellents? I have squirrels running thru my patio porch?
    a dog.Does anyone know of any squirrel repellents? I have squirrels running thru my patio porch?
    You might try coyote scent. Unless you live in the country in which case the squirrels would be replaced by horney coyotes..

    You can get it at any sports / hunting store.
    Since my cat died, the arctic hare, chickadee, beaver, and varmint population in my yard has literally tripled, in the span of 6 months. Try getting a cat!!!
    ';Rats %26amp; Squirrel Away Rats %26amp; Squirrel Away is a new product designed to be mixed in wild bird food or suet blocks, it provides a good source of essential vitamins, proteins and lipids for wild birds. Squirrel Away is also useful for gardeners to keep squirrels rats and other mammals out of bulbs and plants. It contains a special ingredient that will not harm or discourage the birds (who cannot detect it), but will cause the squirrels to stay away from the bird food. A small .28 oz packet that will treat a 5lb sack of bird seed. Also keeps rats away from bird seed. Information on Squirrels. More information on Mice and Rats';

    ';DEER OFF ';Big Game Repellent';

    Now registered by EPA to protect plants from Rabbits and Squirrels';
    Squirrels don't like duct tape...try some around the areas they are entering

    Homemade squirrel repellent?

    Anyone know of something I can put by my trash to keep squirrels away until I can get a can to put out there? This chunky little squirrel keeps ripping our trash out. It's driving me crazy! lol

    Please help!! Thanks! =)Homemade squirrel repellent?
    Blend together:

    Hottest peppers you can find,


    Enough water to be able to spray out a spray bottle.Homemade squirrel repellent?
    Spray amonia in the bag before you close it.
    Borrow the neighbor's CAT
    I use cayenne powder in my birdseed to keep out squirrels, maybe you could sprinkle some on/around the bag?
    Does your trash can have handles? If so, loop a peice of heavy twine through the handles to keep the lid on tight.

    Oh...and make sure your trashcan has a lid too.
    try moth balls it might not be just a squiral doing this it could be a ratcoon THEY ARE ANOYING!!!!!!!
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  • Is there a squirrel repellent?

    im having a problem with squirrels getting under my hood of my car and nesting and chewing wire'sIs there a squirrel repellent?
    There's a hot pepper spray that keeps squirrels out of our sweet corn in the garden, but it's kinda waxy and I don't know what it might do to your car.Is there a squirrel repellent?
    You may want to saturate an old rag with urine from a predator. Maybe you can use dog urine. It sounds gross, but may help to deter them if they think the dog will come back under the hood of your car in their tiny brains. I suggest the towel instead of spraying it in there. It is quite acidic and could corrode some important mechanisms in your engine. Maybe even the hot pepper spray on a towel instead of spraying in the engine.
    Two options. First a 22 or good pellet gun. Second, encourage them. Remove your engine and replace it with squirrel cages connected to a generator. The first squirrel hybrid. Sometimes I just can't help myself. RScott
    Put cayenne pepper in a sock and put it under the hood,take out when in use or place it in a crack where it wont jostle loose.
    You can try putting a dried hot pepper around the hood of your car. The smell burns their nose and if they were to lick their paws it would burn their mouth.
    yeah a 30-O6. I need one for my house too. Don't like blood, try moth balls.

    no, there isn't. the only remedy i have ever had success with was a .12 gauge.
    Ciyite urine comes in a bottle, it works on deer in an orchard. Try that.
    not that i kno of..

    maybe get a special clip for the hood of the car.


    please answer!

    we are looking for best answer!

    What is a good squirrel repellent- esp for use on a deck. ?

    seems squirrel(s) ate rubber gas line hose to outdoor grill.What is a good squirrel repellent- esp for use on a deck. ?
    a 22

    What are some effective squirrel repellents?

    It's the spring season, and I would love to plant some flowers or something to liven up our home. However, the squirrels have always been a problem because they dig up holes and such, tearing at the plants.

    Anyway, do you all know of any effective ways or products to keep squirrels out of the garden? (Other than by BB gun - my dad does that behind my back. Lol)

    Thanks SO much!What are some effective squirrel repellents?
    lol I was thinking that man from Caddyshack but I think he only takes care of gophers and he wasn't very good at it last I remmeber... I didn't know squirrels dig, the Del Taco by my house is infested with them they like to play in the green grass there... I bet the local Home Depot has suggestions and products but I don't really know. My husband right now has been trying to drown out a gopher in the front yard, all he seems to be accomplishing is wasting water and lowering the water pressure when I go to do laundry.What are some effective squirrel repellents?
    Squirrels are a bugger... but they usually don't bother plants that don't sprout from bulbs. If you got a problem with them, however, you could try putting dog hair around the plants, or cat poop. This tells the squirrels that a predator is in the area.......have you ever had squirrel soup?
    buy some rodent poison put some everywhere and let the problem solve itself
    Just look the other way and I'll send my son right over.
    really bad gas

    you shouldn't have any problems ;)
    adopt a couple cats at your local shelter they will help

    Besides moth balls wats a good squirrel repellent?

    Well, First of all, in most cases, you will notice that squirrels generally do not like moving things. I suggest that you take a reflective surface such as a pie plate, or CD's. Punch a hole in the pie plate and attach a string to it. Then, hang it in a preferably sunny location so the sunlight will be reflected. I do not know if this will work, but it seems like a good idea and is worth a try.Besides moth balls wats a good squirrel repellent?
    That sounds like a good idea.

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    Besides moth balls wats a good squirrel repellent?
    A big, mean, outdoor cat will take care of squirrels, and mice, and voles, and any other rodents quickly, cheaply, and repeatedly.
    You could try a product called critter ridder. I bought it at a garden center once. I think the main ingredient (I think) was fox or some kind of K-9 urine. Once small creatures smell it they leave.
    There is not any.

    Try repellent and they will explain all the details.鈥?/a>
    A dog

    Do you know of any good squirrel repellents that actually work?

    I live on the second floor and a squirrel climbs up the brick wall to get on the balcony and jumps at the bird feeders. Any suggestions on how to keep him off?Do you know of any good squirrel repellents that actually work?
    shot gun!Do you know of any good squirrel repellents that actually work?
    Paintball gun. Buy each squirrel an eye protecting helmet first.
    They make a product called squirrel b gone.

    It comes in a spray, and you can get it at most farm supply stores.
    Squirrels are among the world's smartest animals. They are known to overcome the hardest obstacles to get at bird feeders as shown on the Animal Planet tv show. You could try to trick them by putting a feeder outside with little stones. Once the squirrels get on to it, hopefully they won't return. Or you could build a shelf around the feeder and slick it with molasses. They will have a hard time cleaning themselves and maybe won't return. Please don't kill them. They are here for a purpose.
    Fox urine. I know it sounds gross, but it works.
    Squirrel's will find a way. Suggest a bird feeder with weight sensitive perches. It closes when anything heavier than a bird sit's on the perch. I saw them at Low's in my area. You can adjust the sensitivity. The quirrel's will still try, but you won't be feeding them.
    Get rid of the bird feeders?

    Put out some peanuts?

    I'm not much help.

    Monday, January 4, 2010

    Squirrel repellent for windows/ porch?

    any suggestions? i read that ropel doesnt work.Squirrel repellent for windows/ porch?
    kitty cat ? pellet gun?

    You might have more luck with a humane trap and then carry them off to another location.Squirrel repellent for windows/ porch?
    Stand there with a b-b gun. Aim and fire. It repells quite well.

    (Actual action may leave a scar)
    pull or cut out about three hairs off of your head and place them where you are having the problem or put seeds or corn away from that spot so they will be interested in somthing else
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  • Is there any squirrel repellent available in India?

    of course!

    just search online if you can't find it at a local store. If you can't find it online either, try using some sort of rabbit or deer repellent to keep squirrels away as well.

    If they are eating vegetables or fruits from a garden, any kind of animal repellent should work well.

    I have a canadian hemlock which deer love to eat.

    to prevent the deer from eating it, I use a deer repellent which is in the form of a powder. YOu sprinkle the powder all around the roots of the plant.

    THe plant takes in theis powder when you water it, and it gives the plant a smell that doesn't necessarily smell bad to humans, but it doesn't smell like food to the deer. Hope this helped!!

    Squirrel Repellent-Moth Balls?

    Last year I purchased some of those squirrels repellent little bags. From the odor coming out of the bags and reading the ingredients I found out that the main substance in them was what they use in moth balls. I am planning to place moth balls in those cloth bags and leave them in the yard this year. Does any body know if they are toxic to plants? Any advises on how to repel squirrels?--Other than placing a yard of chicken wire on the bulbs and covering it with soil.Squirrel Repellent-Moth Balls?
    If the active ingredient is naphthalene, I surely would not use it. Naphthalene is toxic to all animals and also to plants.

    If you want to keep squirrels from eating your bulbs it would be far easier to plant bulbs they don't want to eat. I've never heard of anyone being successful in a battle against squirrels.Squirrel Repellent-Moth Balls?
    I would spray Rataway Fragrance. Rataway Fragrance is non-toxic and non-poisonous and will protect car engines, PEX plastic tubing, T V cables, computer wiring, homes, motor homes,etc...

    prevents nesting from birds, rats, squirrels, mice, raccoons, also dogs, puppy's, cats, horses, etc...

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    I'm guessing that you have grey- not red- squirrels. I've not tried it, (I only have reds), but I hear that the smell of creosote is as good as naptha, (mothballs). Try soaking cloths in it and tying them to canes around your yard.
    don't be a squirrel-hater
    You should invest in a commercial squirrel repellent. I know Bird-X, Inc. offers products that are guaranteed to be environmentally safe and animal friendly. So it won't harm the squirrels, but should effectively keep them, and other similar pesky critters, away from your yard.

    Does home made squirrel repellent kill fruits/trees?

    For the past few days squirrels have been eating my peaches from my peach tree and people told me to make a hot pepper spray but does that kill or harm the plants? Also where do you spray it? On the ground or on the tree?Does home made squirrel repellent kill fruits/trees?
    if it is just hot peppers it shouldnt harm but it could burn the leaves. i would suggest spraying it on the trunk and around the base a little. and on the peaches, just make sure to wash them before you eat it.

    What is a good squirrel repellent?

    Squirrels are overrunning my garden and eating my bulbs! They are also knocking over pots and making a big mess. I know that there are products that are supposed to repel them, but I wanted some other gardeners' opinions on what is best, and if there is a natural alternative. It would have to be something that would not pose a danger to my dog. Thanks!What is a good squirrel repellent?
    You could try fox urine- it's sold at any sporting goods store- will need to be reapplied often to workWhat is a good squirrel repellent?
    Moth balls will work,but don't place them to close to flowers or gardens because they dissolve an could kill vegetation.They also might irritate your dog if there to closely placed where the dog usally hangs out at.Its okay to place them around gardens or around flower pots just not in the garden or flower pots.the dog will adjust to them an they could keep him out of unwanted places as well.
    I would try trapping them. Then drown them, or drive them 20 miles away and let them go.
    Try getting a labrador retriever or a beagle.
    12 guage shotgun
    Send them to my house, I love them!

    Squirrel repellent?

    I am having trouble with squirrels digging up my basil and chives (nothing else though). Does anyone have any tips for detering them from digging in my garden.Squirrel repellent?
    here we go sprinkle cayenne pepper and get a plastic garden owl and be sure to move it every couple of days . good luck.Squirrel repellent?
    Put Red Pepper in a cloth bag. Can also be used around bird feeder. Hope it works for you. Buddy