Saturday, January 16, 2010

Squirrel Repellent?

How can I keep the squirrels from eating and tearing up my new Deck Furniture Cushions?Squirrel Repellent?
Sprinkle cayenne pepper on them. It works! They hate pepper! They'll remember the taste %26amp; won't come back. They love the stuffing in the pillows to make their nests.

Better brush it of before you sit on them, though!Squirrel Repellent?
One word. Mothballs!

Well, maybe it's two but that's besides the point!

Put some mothballs behind your cushions and stuff them into the cracks of your furniture and the squirrels will stay away from it. Squirrels hate the smell of mothballs, it acts as a deterrent.

Plus, it won't harm your furniture.It's a little strong smelling though, but effective regardless!

Mothballs also work well in gardens for your springtime bulbs, since bulbs are another favourite snack for squirrels.

Good luck!
Theres a magical little device called a .22 rifle you may want to give a try.
They are bushy-tailed rats. Nick's response is the way to go or a BB if you live in a more densely inhabited area.
We just gave a squirrel on our balcony chocolate and haven't seen it since.
Jack Russel Terrier
Shoot them bastards!!
when you find out, let me know.

Squirrels are eating my jade plants. Any suggestions on repellents?

c spread moth balls around your plants
  • neutrogena
  • Have a problem with squirrels digging up flower bed. Need a repellent?

    Boil 1 quart of water and remove it from heat as soon as it starts to boil, then add 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of tabasco sauce. Allow it to stand for 2-3 hours to make sure it is very cool. Spray the stems and base of plants. Will not harm the plant but will deter the pesky little rodents!!Have a problem with squirrels digging up flower bed. Need a repellent?
    d-o-gHave a problem with squirrels digging up flower bed. Need a repellent?
    look at lowe's
    DOG DOG or dog dog
    Pee in the flowerbeds.
    Ruger 10/22 with hollow-points and a 4X scope will do nicely!
    watch the lowes comercial... or just go there... do you have brown dirt lines all over your face?
    We have the same problem and have tried everything. We even put wire mesh over the dirt and they just found a way under it.

    Animal urine only worked for a few days. Commercial products worked for a few days.

    Hope someone can give an answer that really works - I would try anything.
    A gun works the best.
    Red Pepper works the best. Does not bother birds either but the squirrels hate it.......powder is the best.
    You can use natural reppellants by planting garlic, thyme, and peppermint.
    rape them
    Use Antifreeze, it will solve all of your rodent problems.

    Good Squirrel and rabbit repellent?

    I just planted new flowers and a small garden in my backyard. Already, squirrels and rabbits are digging in it. What is a good (safe) way to keep them out? I have heard of peppers and moth balls, but is there anything else?

    P.S. Please don't say ';shoot them';!Good Squirrel and rabbit repellent?
    For the garden, if you mean veggies, the only effective way to keep the rabbits out is a fence. Squirrels don't like veggies very much, but they love bulbs and no fence can keep them out.

    Some garden centers in my area say they have a stinky repellent you put around the plants and the rabbits stay away, but I haven't tried it, you might as they say it works.Good Squirrel and rabbit repellent?
    I put a small radio in a ziplock bag and turn it on at night. It keeps the creatures away. Put it in the garden.
    Get a 410 shotgun!

    Squirrel repellent?

    how can i stop squirrels from eating my flowers and digging up my yard. help.Squirrel repellent?
    My property backs up onto a wooded area full of squirrels. They destroyed my birdfeeders, ate my tomatoes and peppers, and were a general pain in the butt.

    I bought a squirrel feeder鈥?/a> (not my own photo, but it's what mine looks like) and put it on a post in the far corner of my yard. I keep it full of black-oil sunflower seeds.

    Not a single squirrel has ventured past the feeder into my yard. They eat, then leave.

    This doesn't attract more squirrels. Squirrels are territorial, and they won't let other squirrels into their patch.Squirrel repellent?
    We had a squirrel problem but they left the garden alone when they found easier food in the bins and we could find absolutely nothing that would deter them from bin rustling. Maybe that's the solution, give them an easier source of food.
    I鈥檝e read tons of tips, but squirrels are smart and generally get around whatever you try. Some friends of mine have had luck keeping the squirrels off their plants by providing them a steady diet of peanuts in the shell.
    bb gun
    Get a cat or dog.

    Rabbit, squirrel, and rodent repellents?

    I live in upstate NY. Do sent based rabbit and deer repellents work for both flower and vegetable gardens? When can I put them down? How long do they last and are they toxic to humans?

    Have you had any experiances with them? Good or BadRabbit, squirrel, and rodent repellents?
    I bought the kid of scent repellents that came in bags. You affix the bags to a stick and place around the garden. I can't guarantee that they work but I had no damage of my plants and I live right in the woods. They are not toxic to humans. They should be put out as soon as possible in the Spring because new shoots are coming up under the snow and it is often the shoots that they eat.Rabbit, squirrel, and rodent repellents?
    The animal repellants work good for the deer, sometimes rabbits. Try using that and plant some Marigolds, rabbits hate the smell of them.

    I have a squirrel in the house. Do electrical repellents work?

    I open the door, tried a trail of crackers %26amp; it still would not leave. Ran downstairs to basement instead. Help Please.I have a squirrel in the house. Do electrical repellents work?
    call animal controlI have a squirrel in the house. Do electrical repellents work?
    I do not know how well those electrical repellents work.

    You could try a have a heart trap available at hardware stores. Just make sure you get a big enough one, squirrels get out of the smaller ones designed for chipmunk size rodents.鈥?/a>

    An important question would be whether or not you care if you remove the squirrel from your house while he is alive or deceased.
    squirrels love acorns. Get a few acorns and sprinkle them next to a trap. The squirrel will fall in the trap.

    You might put a cage if you want. Release it outside far away from

    your house. If you dont get rid of it it will chew on your furniture

    and that might cost you alot. You can put the squirrel in your car (if you have one) and drive him away to a far place.

    Put him in the car trunk.
    the best way is to buy or rent a safe trap. bait it with peanut butter on the trap trigger.

    now that you have 'em in the cage, don't put your fingers in through the wire openings if you want to keep them.

    you can transport to another location and realease it. if you don't get rid of the vermin they will chew your roof and trusses to shreds and that will really cost you. if you don't want to drive somewhere, the the gabage can full of water, and drop the cage in. it's over quickly